Robin Smartphone with cloud storage

Robin, a smartphone Nextbit, putting on a cloud storage. – NEXTBIT

The startup Nextbit to challenge the giants of the sector by focusing on smart backup in the Cloud …

Amazed, trying to film the baby’s first steps, but the verdict: Too bad for grandma “Not enough space available.”  If Nextbit succeeds with its bet, this scenario will soon be history.  On Tuesday, the startup unveiled  the Robin, a smartphone that leverages the cloud to settle once and for all the problem of the mobile storage problem. The central idea: the system saves in the cloud all the rarely used files, which are accessible with a single click.  Good practice, especially at a time when manufacturers seem intent on the removal of SD memory cards and offer the gourmet 4K video recording.

The concept seem to appeals.  In 48 hours, Nextbit has already exceeded its goal on Kickstarter with 2,000 pre-orders for 750.000 dollars.  But make no mistake: the crowdfunding companion is primarily used to generate a buzz among the public.  The startup was founded by veterans of Google and HTC, and now is funded with $18 million with funds from Silicon Valley.

Cloud first

The Robin smartphone by default offers 32GB of storage plus a further 100 GB in the Cloud. As soon as the phone is in range of wifi, the phone will backup whilst online.  If necessary, it promptly deletes the least used files, such as an app of New York transportation from your last holiday or the playlist of your fitness resolutions may 2014.  All readily rechargeable on the fly from the cloud.  And if you put Angry Birds in closet, backups are restored to their original condition to resume a game in progress.

Nextbit proposed this software solution since October 2014 in partnership with the Japanese operator NTT DoCoMo startup but decided to tackle a more ambitious challenge by creating its own hardware.

The former designer of HTC

The smartphone seduces with a design that mixes industrial forms with plastic and more playful accents. We owe it to Scott Croyle, former chief designer of HTC, in particular responsible for the famous One, M7 and M8.  The team is completed by two former executives of Android, Tom Moss and Mike Chan.

At 399 dollars, Robin offers classic features of a mid-range smartphone: 5.2-inch 1080p display, Snapdragon 808 processor chip, 13-megapixel camera and fast charge.  Despite a 2680 mAh battery it has a slim 7mm design, Nextbit promises a day of independence.

The smartphone comes on a well crowded area, wedged between OnePlus 2 and Moto X Play, excluding the expected new Nexus at end of September.  But here, the choice is primarily a question of philosophy.  Otherwise, there is always the next iPhone, expected to still propose that unfortunate 16 GB for 700 euros …


Robin is currently available for pre-order at $349 for February delivery in many countries, including France.  We must add 95 dollars VAT and postage, for a total of 444 dollars, or about 399 euros at current exchange rates. In February, the final price will be 399 dollars tax free.