TECHNOLOGY:  The Korean manufacturer, Samsung, is rumoured to be close to launching a foldable smartphone …  

It is now several years that there is the talk that promises a flip phone. And where is it?  Exactly, stuck in demos at CES.  But according to Bloomberg, this time Samsung will really start, from 2017.  The question is whether the public will be there.

Here we do not speak of a slightly curved smartphone like the Galaxy S7 Edge (or as an iPhone 6 Plus stayed too long in a trouser pocket) or deformable like the LG Flex. No, thanks to the magic of the OLED screens, Samsung should unsheathe a model that folds in the middle (hello, Motorola Razr 2003) as a notebook, and one with a 5-inch screen that unfolds to reach 8 inches and become a tablet.

We still do not know what these look like, but Samsung unveiled this video concept in 2014, so it is thought that this is where the design is heading.