In development for several years, the flexible OLED display from Samsung would have entered the final phase, the mass distribution and its implementation on a smartphone would be keyed to 2018.

The folding screen from Samsung, real sea serpent from the Korean manufacturer, is again in the approach phase, at least that is what announces Koh Dong-jin, head of the mobile division of the South Korean manufacturer “e n as head of that division, I can say that our current objective is to launch next year .” Nevertheless, the timing of this announcement still leaves some doubt. Is it simply a shot com ‘to occupy the media space a few hours before the presentation of the iPhone and iPhone 8 X?

First proto date 5 years

The first concept smartphone with foldable screen is not young. We remember the Yoom presented in 2012. Each year a new version is presented, but the clean final product marketing is still not available. In this regard, Koh Dong-ji says: ” Once we have resolved some problems then we can launch the product.”

Earlier this year, the Korea Business already indicated that a Samsung product with a flexible screen could be launched in the first half of 2018. One thing is certain, this is the next big step for the smartphone market – a growth that every manufacturer expects.