The streaming function was tested by Facebook in December in the United States …

Broadcast yourself.  The trend started last year with Periscope should explode in 2016 with the general public. Especially with Facebook, which has unsheathed Live Video in December. After a short test phase, the service was extended Thursday to all iPhone users based in the United States. And Facebook promises a worldwide release “in the coming weeks.”

As often, this happens only on iOS. Facebook however Announces Android version “soon”

Integrated into the Facebook app

For two years, Facebook has mostly out separate apps (Messenger, Paper etc.). But for video, Zuckerberg chose to incorporate the feature in the main app. This happens the next status. The user can start a live video and choose to limit it to friends or make it public. He sees in real time how many people are watching and the comments.

So far, Live Video was mostly reserved for celebrities and a few partner sites like The Verge. Soon, your colleagues will insult you live on your next video in Thailand.