VIDEO GAMES: Already available for Apple devices, the game could be downloaded on other smartphones in February or March …

Run Super Mario is now available for pre-order on Play Store. He will have to wait to play. While Apple fans can play the latest in Nintendo since December 15th, Android users will have to wait a bit before making the change mustachioed plumber in a setting specially designed for smartphones.

More than 40 million downloads in four days

These pre-orders for Google the opportunity to announce the arrival of the game on its online platform and thus keep users tempted to go to the dark side of the Force, either at Apple, to enjoy the video game a hit. Indeed, Super Mario Run landed a record with more than 40 million downloads in four days from the Apple Store, outpacing Pokémon GO.

Every user who has opted for the pre-order will be notified when its download Super Mario Run possible. Also a way to cut the grass under the feet of viruses deployed with APK versions corrupted and downloaded by many impatient understands the specialized website  Digital Zone.

First three free levels

Super Mario Run “Android version” will be a copy of what the iPhone or iPad are already in hand, three game modes with three first free levels. To enjoy all of the Mario universe, it will cost 9.99 euros.

Applying for pre Nintendo remained for about two months on the Apple Store. If his presence on the Play Store is approaching, so Super Mario Run could be available in February or March on Android. What to leave for some time exclusivity to brand players with apple.