AUDIO: Apple decided to remove the headphone jack on its new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus launched on Friday. From 69 euros to 399 euros, we have tested 7 Bluetooth headsets that can be associated with them …

“Courage” and “innovation”. It is with these words that Apple justified the outright abolition of the mini headphone jack on its new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus on sale on the 16th  September. History will tell whether the future belongs to Bluetooth headsets (or Lightning connector).

To move light: BT IE 200 xqisit

Unique ‘within’ our selection, BT IE 200 xqisit provides a complete service used daily like handsfree can also be used in sport (it resists moisture).

Bluetooth earphones from xqisit

Bluetooth 4.1, he also plays the shrewd: the two ends at the back of the speakers are magnetic. One can thus carry the headset around the neck without necessarily using it. Better: by disconnecting the headphones, it picks up an incoming call. No storage box: this is a shortcoming.
By nature insulation from outside noise, the BT 200 IE reproduced as all headphones-ear sound low doped. The opportunity to let go of Bang Bang , the new single from Green Day . In use, the magnetic headphones fulfilling its purpose. But with 4 hours of battery life, though it feels a little cramped. 69 euros.

In order not to get noticed: JBL Everest 300

Rather compact, foldable, soft to the touch, robust, Everest 300 JBL is a supra-aural headphone good composition.

The everest 300 bluetooth headphones by JBL

The Everest 300 JBL. Disciple of minimalism. – JBL

With his finish black or white, it is a minimalist activist cause. Its metal hoop firmly applied on the head, which is reassuring, especially in transport (but can also interfere after a very long listening). The insulation remains excellent. The headset comes with its mini-jack cords and charging cable but storage bag for free.

The sound quality of the Everest 300 is nice. The broadcast sound very dull, may miss some brilliance. Nevertheless, passed through the mill, the latest album fromCocoon has perfectly convey his padded flavors. Feature of the Everest 300: headphones can by a simple manipulation in Bluetooth share the music he plays with another Bluetooth headphones (any brand). An argument that can make the difference.  149 euros.

To isolate without paying too much: ActiveShield Pro from Philips

In a nice building, even if the plastic is king, this circum aural to be comprehensive.

Foldable, the ActiveShield Philips  is unfortunately not provided with a storage bag.His arch, which mixes plastic and textured faux leather is a very beautiful effect.Gare though: the glossy appearance of its two speakers is ideal for fingerprints.

Listening to ActiveShield Pro is fairly uniform and seems to favor any musical register in particular. In fact, its acoustic identity remains rather neutral, though the headset to up to 16 hours knows how to distinguish on demanding scores. With him, the latest album from Gregory Porter was a treat. Lovers of bass will not be harmed: Robin Schulz and Wave have served well during our tests. We like the touchpad on the right atrium to vary the volume and change tracks. Regret: embedded noise reduction system really lacks relevance.  169 euros.

To remain calm in transport: ATH-SR5BT Audio-Technica

Lightweight (less than 200g), foldable flat, supplied with soft carrying case and cables (USB and mini-jack), the ATH-SR5BT of Audio-Technica  is a urban helmet.

Bluetooth headphones by Audio Technica

Holding firmly to the head but without alienating its user, supra-aural seems a good match in transport. Black or white, autonomy announced 38 hours is among the marathoners musical nomadism.

Compatible Hi-Res audio, you can associate an audiophile player. More commonly, the ATH-SR5BT any sound at low tonic just what it takes to serve the most muscular registers. The musical color ATH-SR5BT is as warm and flawless. In short, Jain and his Makeba to Astrud Gilberto and Agua De Beber , it is almost filled. Sulphur helmet its order button under the left ear, wanting to do too much (volume, skip, call answer / end) is confusing.  189 euros.

To immerse yourself in a bubble: MDR-1000X from Sony

Unveiled at the IFA electronics fair in Berlin, the MDR-1000X Sony is a circum aural clean design.

The MDR 1000X headphones from Sony

Noise is a noise canceling Bluetooth beefy, with comfortable fit. This premium comes with a durable carrying case features a nifty feature called Ambient Sound: when the noise is enabled, simply place the palm of his right ear to lower the volume of music (d about 90%) and cut the noise reduction. a question and answer can cross the road safely with the awareness of ambient sound, etc.

Tested by plane noise when the system proves a more effective we tried (with a battery life of 20 hours announced), the MDR-1000X book a pleasant listening experience. Without excess in the bass with airy highs, the last album of Red Hot Chili Peppers played on velvet during our flight. You can mount the volume without distortion, which is appreciable. Do not hesitate to use the equalizer of the audio player to customize his musical tastings. Regret: the touchpad to adjust the volume and lack of precision was quick to put a piece on Pause unintentionally … 379 euros.

To cure her look: Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless

A beautiful elegance, the Wireless P7 over the aesthetic codes of his predecessors at the English B & W .

The P7 wireless headphones by Bowens and Wilkins

His arch chrome steel is wrapped with leather stitching, its pads are a voluptuous comfort and atria covered with a small metal plate etched so flashy. Even the storage bag exudes delicacy.

Once on the ears, the Wireless P7 offers a feeling of instant comfort. Although B & Wi has passed on the ear to control music keys (only available buttons for volume and Pickup), its use delights the ears. The headset has a beautiful and dynamic mark knows the tempo bass hammered correctly punctuate and more delicate highs.We set as with the album Ibifornia Cassius with Hélène Grimaud interpreting piano sonatas of Mozart or Berg. The autonomy is announced 17 hours. If a mini-jack cable in the box.  399 euros.

To wake up its vocation globetrotting: PXC 550 Sennheiser Wireless

That circum aural headphones whose design instantly seduces us.

Using beautiful materials and breathable quality, PXC 550 Wireless Sennheiser is a Bluetooth noise reduction dedicated to discerning travelers. Claiming a battery life of about 30 hours, it is foldable, supplied with his travel bag, taking flight and mini-jack cable. A classic jack adapter is also available.

Listening to the PXC 550 can be personalized using the CapTune implementation of manufacturer: Loudness, Pop, Rock, Electro … Alas, only the songs stored locally are taken into account and not downloaded playlists on Deezer or Spotify . Still, we appreciate the tonal balance of the headphones which can distinguish between low, mid and treble without stingy and offer attractive dynamic. The latest album from St-Germain rediscovered for the event or a small electronic mix pecked on Deezer revealed the advantages of this model is one of our favorites of the moment. Tip: just fold / unfold louse turn it on or off. 399 euros.