Testing the Nexus 5x and 6p from Google

The New Nexus 5X and 6P Smartphones from Google

Google had much to be forgiven. After a disappointing vintage 2014, the company takes out not one, but two smartphones to accompany the release of Android Marshmallow. In the US, the Nexus 5X 6P and offer unbeatable value for money with a camera that finally catching competition. In France, they will be available in early November. But with prices 30% higher, particularly due to the decline of the euro against the dollar, the verdict is less clear.

Screen: An unnecessarily high resolution for the 6P

As the latest iPhone, the Nexus is available in two screen sizes, 5.2 and 5.7 inches.The difference is that the 6P offers almost twice as many pixels (2.560×1.440) than 5X. This race to the resolution on the high end at the expense of battery perplexing whereas at 20 cm, the difference is not obvious. Both offer excellent viewing angles and sufficient brightness to remain legible outdoors even with sunglasses.

Design: The 5X more enjoyable despite the plastic

With its metal back, the 6P is positioned as a “premium” model. But that tank (179 grams) sometimes gives cramps wrist. And in the pocket, it abuts against the hip when sitting. Besides, the Nexus 5X, plastic, seems light as a feather and offers smoother curves. Both deserve a yellow card because they have neither a removable battery and a micro-SD port.

Performance: Power and autonomy appointment

Both models ship a different Snapdragon chip, but they also seem faster one than the other. The extra power 6P could however prove over time while smartphones have the annoying tendency to slow down. Regarding the battery, the two held a full day but not much more. It’s a bit disappointing for the 6P, which should do better considering its size, but the screen certainly hampers its performance. Fortunately, the mode “fast charge” can refuel in just 90 minutes and from 5 to 20% in about fifteen minutes.

Photo: the corrected black dot

The Nexus have often had camera problems. Not this year, with an excellent sensor manufactured by Sony. Despite a slight tendency to overexpose the sky, it is often a par with the iPhone and Galaxy Note 6S 5 and even take the advantage in the dark or in a bar. The wide-angle makes life easier for groups of selfies. The only difference between the two models is that the Nexus 6P offers a super-slow motion 240 fps video and 8-megapixel frontal sensor against 120 fps and 5 megapixel his little brother.

New features: A fingerprint reader and a new USB port

Good news, the fingerprint reader rivals that of Apple. Placed in the back of the phone, it is found naturally in the index with the munchies. It enables secure mobile payments but also unlock the phone without a PIN at lightning speed, even with wet fingers or wrong. The new USB port (Type-C) can be connected in any direction but must travel with its cable and socket block because they are not yet widespread.

Android Marshmallow : Google Now partout

Android 6.0 introduces a new permissions system to better control access to their apps for each information (address book, geolocation etc.). Above all, the Android Now wizard can invoke from anywhere by long pressing the center button. It then analyzes the contents of the screen to provide direct links contextualized. Example: during the live Monaco-Lyon on 20 Minutes, Google returns pages to the club on social networks; SMS with “Thai restaurant tonight? “Good neighborhood addresses appear.

The price: The surprises in euro

Google France has not yet confirmed the price but they are briefly appeared on the shop early October. The era of “1 euro for 1 dollar” seems complete. The Nexus 5X starts at 379 dollars tax-or about $ 410 including tax in California. In France, it will cost 479 euros. For the 6P, it’s even worse, to 499 dollars tax-free or tax 536 dollars, against 649 euros TTC in France. This is certainly less than EUR 749/859 iPhone 6S / 6S more but there are many Android cheaper alternatives, such as Moto X Play and Style. Come on Google, next year, you finally we factories Your own phone?