The virtual reality headset Oculus Rift is officially launched on Monday.  We were able to try a preview for a trip in the amazing and fantastic virtual worlds.

Amazing. That is one word that may be enough to describe the experience and the feel the Oculus Rift , the first virtual reality helmet available. With a copy in the hand, we could test the device and explore these new exciting game worlds.

Upon receipt, the Oculus Rift, it  impresses with the quality of its packaging as much as that of the materials used and the overall finish. It must be said that for 699 euros, you certainly would want a good quality product.

Occulus Rift - What you get in the box

Occulus Rift – What you get in the box

In the cardboard box, you get a well packed package which includes the helmet, the motion sensor to be placed in front of the helmet and a joystick Xbox One and the remote control in order to steer things a minimum once donned the device.

Thirty launch games

Once connected to a PC (targeting a top model for a budget of approximately € 1,000) a dedicated interface allows us to choose between the small thirty games available . If we find enough kinds of classic games, car racing platform game through the shooter, the sensations they are simply unprecedented. Let’s face it, sometimes you have the faint of heart to not be sick in games where movements are fast. For a start, the Oculus Rift can claim to offer a real nice game catalog to as many new experiences and frankly sometimes bluffing.

Between platform and transferred into space

Never seen in a video game like this with  amazing Lucky’s Tale , platform game childish design in which we clearly feel they can touch and rub those little colourful characters. As immersed in a 3D animated drawing. It turns heads, surrounded by this cartoon decor while following his little character. Another amazing experience that provided by the game Adrift in which it is to embody an astronaut drifting weightlessly in a space station.

Here was clearly reliving the film Gravity . Better to have the faint of heart for this experience nevertheless uneasy feeling is never far away. We could also speak of Chronos, a role play in which his character that follows alongside the gigantic creatures against which we feel very small.

Better than Star Wars?

Better yet to flirt with the stars, the game Eve: Valkyrie puts you in control of a spaceship for space absolutely spectacular fights between asteroids. Star Wars as if you were there with a lot of thrills. Once again we must get used to, to learn this new way to play on pain of having nausea.

Nevertheless, we must recognize that the virtual reality gaming experience is completely new. Unheard of, even for an experienced gamer. “Virtual reality is a real revolution for the game in his own way to completely immerse the player in the experience, says Arnaud de Keyser, deputy editor at Games Magazine . It can not be qu’émerveillé discovering a virtual world that materializes around us. ”

A birth technology

To quibble, we say that the graphics are perhaps not as fine and detailed as one would have hoped. But it does this is only a first generation of games. No doubt he will wait for technically most successful titles (which presuppose to have a PC that can start). Add to this that it is better for some games will not be too sensitive to seasickness. Finally, this virtual reality, of course, has a price and between the headset and the high-end PC, it will take about 1500 € for you to indulge in good conditions. Besides, as Arnaud de Keyser, stated that “it is imperative to try the Occulus Rift, to see it at least once in your life.”