Citybug electric scooter

While the share of electric bikes continues to grow throughout europe, 10 years-since they earn 25% per year according Univelo-, industry experts believe a lot to the development of e-scooters especially for short trips. And offers constantly grow. Latest, the Citybug, a new model made in Taiwan (JD Components) and wants to revolutionize the genre. Just that.

The Citybug looks like a scooter XXL. Ultra impressive, almost impressive.And for good reason: 12.2 kg on the scale. It’s not a featherweight, although overall competition revolves around 15 kg. But we are very far from the 6.5 kilograms of e-Micro One example. Once unfolded, the machine displays a disconcerting nudity. An ON / OFF button the point bar. No brake or accelerator. After tossing and turning in all directions to understand how you accelerate, you just have to start to discover his secret. Is pushing the handle forward the engine starts. And conversely, pull it towards you to brake the bike. Once launched, the system is extremely intuitive. A foot brake on the rear wheel can stop short, if needed.

citybug features push and pull technology

System push and pull

We finally get to push and pull system, even if in reality you gotta go body weight to start the machine and gain speed. Specifically, it is not really for the determination. Particularly in the braking phase, the net cut the engine instead of offering a smooth deceleration. And use, there is concern for accuracy in dosing …

Asked speed, Citybug allows up to 18 km / h. A very reasonable speed, too much even. So, we hope to gain sensation downhill. Nay! Can not exceed 25 km / h, an engine brake is control the speed. This is extremely frustrating!Especially for regulars conventional bicycle or electric well. The speed is limited to 6 km / h on the sidewalks, it is possible to clamp the take to avoid being fined. However, on bike path, the Citybug delivers enough speed to not feel uncomfortable. Needless to race with a bike … It will have the last word. Straight and cruising, fun quickly gives way to some form of monotony. Past the excitement of discovery, room for boredom …

Another negative, the high rigidity of the assembly, because of the absence of suspension. The Citybug is therefore clearly not made for use on paved roads. A nightmare for the arms and legs. (For connoisseurs, the court of the Louvre Pyramid succession of Calvary!) Same on sandy soil, just like the Tuileries Garden. Beware slip if you take too much speed. As for the wet, better not globally!

The maximum autonomy announced is 15-18 km. This will depend in reality the flight and the actual average speed. Sold and charge time is 3 hours.

How much does it cost? The Citybug is sold 999 euros. Too high a price for a use after all limited. At this rate, even a little more, it is better to buy an electric bike significantly more scalable and sports! Most daredevils will choose a gyroroue, much freestyle!

Technical specifications for citybug