Japan’s Funai Electric, the VCR last manufacturer in the world, announced that at the end of July the production of these devices popularised in the years 1970-80 before being eclipsed by the advent of DVD and other digital technologies.

“We are the only assembling VCRs after the withdrawal of Panasonic in 2012” , said a spokesman.

But global sales fell to 750,000 last year, compared to 15 million units in early 2000. Recently, the Japanese company mainly selling its devices in the United States, particularly under the Sanyo brand.

The company is beset by calls

“One of our suppliers found it difficult to continue manufacturing a component for such a small volume, which led us to take this decision” , explained Funai Electric, whose factory is in China.

Although no official statement has been issued, the company was beset calls since has filtered information in local media. Among them, a librarian keeping its shelves of videotapes or people eager to view old memories.

Last year, the electronics giant Sony announced the imminent end of the sale of Betamax video tapes to the general public, a symbolic epilogue for a product born in 1975 and quickly dethroned by the VHS format.

They had already stopped making them for some time, but he continued to provide fans with the remaining quantities. As for video recorders, the last came out of the factory in 2002.