Blackberry Android Phone

Rendering alleged BlackBerry “Venice” Android. –

Under the code name “Venice” lurks a seductive smartphone …

Can BlackBerry regain its mojo by switching to Android? There is a Rumor going around that has been gaining momentum for a while, and often very knowledgeable Evan Blass (EvLeaks) on Friday issued an unofficial rendering of the first android Blackberry smartphone.

The code name for the smartphone is “Venice”.  It has a sliding keyboard and curved screen portrait reminiscent of the lines of the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Has BlackBerry copied Samsung ? not necessarily.  The analyst Eldar Murtazin stated recently that the two companies worked together on a phone, and this “Venice” could well be the result of their collaboration.

BlackBerry (formerly RIM) has no real choice. The lack of apps on its OS has paralyzed the platform, and attempts to bring Android apps to Blackberry has not really been successful either.

Changing to the enemy remains a gamble though, as the traditional Blackberry fanbase might not be happy with the change and then also of course by entering the Android playing field, will mean that Blackberry will have to pull something special out of the hat to make the new “venice” smartphone stand out from the crowd.