TECHNOLOGY: The company, Google had challenged the surfers with puzzles …

Numbers, strange characters and a complicated puzzle. With a very Google approach, the company has indirectly announced the date of its major annual conference for developers . It’s a bit above our skill level, but users have solved the riddle: Google I / O (for input / output, or input / output) will be held from May 17 to 19 at the Shoreline Amphitheatre Mountain View. The 7,000 developers who participate can already prepare sunscreen. Outdoors, there were a few hot shots last year.

Google released a cryptic tweet linking to a page with five puzzles to solve. Chess, matrices, GPS coordinates … Customers are rubbed it for about three hours through the collaborative website Discord and eventually come to the end.

For now, we know nothing about the program. Last year, Google has focused on artificial intelligence and virtual reality. If his assistant and Google Home, Alexa competitor Amazon, suggest great promise, there is still some work to fully open the platform to developers and support all connected gadgets.