To avoid being bombarded with spam mails when signing up with newletters on unpopular websites or while trying to get a trial copy of the software, you need disposable email address.

There are a few service providers that offer disposable email addresses. In this post, I will share a few of them.

email providers

Top 4 Disposable Email Address Providers

1. MyTrashMail
This service doesn’t require any signup , no login password to remember and it is completely free.  Just signup with newsletters with whatever email address you wish, e.g. and check the Mytrashmail inbox for your emails. You can also reply and forward emails to other email addresses if you are a registered user of Mytrashmail

2. Yopmail
Using this service also does not require any sign-up. This offers similar features like MyTrashMail, however you just need to enter the capcha to forward mails.

3. Mailinator
The service offered by Mailinator is better when compared to MyTrashMail or Yopmail. It offers a better interface and moreover, there will be no ads displayed in the emails.

4. 10 Minute Mail
Another good disposable email addresses service. However in this case, you need to visit the website before you are provided with a auto-generated email address which can be used to sign-up for newsletters.  See image below for example.

disposible email address

Though 10 Minute Mail also offer the feature to forward emails, this is a temporary email address and will be active for just 10 minutes. To use this service you will require to generate an email address every 10 minutes.