It was announced, by Twitter and confirmed on Tuesday. Photos and videos will no longer be recognized in the sacrosanct 140 characters.

The US social network Twitter on Tuesday announced the introduction of more flexibility in the limit of 140 characters set for publication on its platform, opening the possibility to add, “in the coming months” , photos and other documents once the threshold is reached.

Twitter, which seeks to expand its audience, cease to count in 140 characters photos, videos, names in responses and surveys, explained Todd Sherman, product manager.  “Over the past decade, the tweet has evolved a simple message in 140 characters into a virtual canvas for creativity, including photos, videos, words sharp, Vines and others “ , he recalled in a statement.  ” so you can already do a lot in a tweet, but we want to give you the opportunity to do more. In the coming months, we will make changes to simplify tweets, including what is included in 140 characters, “ says Todd Sherman. The limit of 140 characters is one of the trademarks of Twitter since its inception ten years ago. The possibility, mentioned it a few months ago, to outright eliminate, provoked an outcry of the most loyal users of the network.

To attract a wider audience

Twitter is seeking to simplify its platform to attract a wider audience the number of users for several quarters capping a little over 300 million “tweetos” . Todd Sherman announced Tuesday some other modifications, one of which allows a user to retweet or to “quote” himself“when he wants to share new thinking or believes that (publication) is unnoticed “ .

Another allow answers to be seen by all those who follow the user. The latter will have no more to add a character before the name of another user to ensure that the message is visible to all.