The site Twitter has announced the gradual implementation of a feature allowing users to find relevant gifs to illustrate their messages …

Twitter surprises its users Thursday (and no, it is not a question of extending the limit of tweets previously fixed at 140 characters or change the algorithm appearance of tweets in a timeline).

On their blog, the micro-blogging site explains that last year more than 100 million gifs were Tweeted.

Gifs are short animated images. They can evoke an emotion.


…Or any other reaction.

So far, find the most appropriate gif could be relatively tedious.

Twitter has understood that it is strategic to make life easier for its users. The site will gradually implement a new button for searching gifs.


— Twitter (@twitter) 17 Février 2016



We can perform a search by keyword or access a library theme ( “Dance of Joy”, “Yolo” …).

Find the gif best suited to his or her tweet private message should soon be a formality.

This may seem trivial to some, but for many who tweet, it is real good news.