Twitter on Monday relaxed the rule limiting the tweets to 140 characters by announcing that photos and videos are no longer counted in the size of messages.

“Say more with 140 characters! Photos, videos, GIFs, and issues citations are not counted “, tweeted the group seeks to expand its audience and hopes to make profits for the first time in its history.

Twitter announced this new direction in May to allow its approximately 310 million users to add images and videos even when the fateful threshold of 140 characters is reached.

This restriction is one of the trademarks of Twitter since its inception ten years ago. The event evoked a time of just delete provoked an outcry of the most loyal users of the network.

No benefits

The group is, however, forced to evolve to broaden its audience face competition from other platforms and social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr …) without such restrictions.

In the second quarter, Twitter was again disappointed investors by posting sluggish growth, stagnation in the number of users and a net loss of $ 107 million.

Despite a very high visibility, Twitter has never posted a net profit of dollars since its inception.