I know how much it hurts when you find someone saying bad things about you or your business. Any kind of negative publicity can be fatal for online businesses where criticism or negative remarks can throw you out of the market in a heartbeat. With increased global connectivity, the role of negative publicity has become more devastating than ever. Your competitors spread rumors about you. Because of our love for gossip, these rumors easily become the top result of an important search engine, costing you many customers.


Many online businesses develop working relationships with their customers to tackle negative publicity and build credibility along the way. Some even hire a public relation team to deal with the effects of negative publicity from time to time. SEO is also a frequently used technique, which is becoming increasingly popular. No one can deny its importance in online world, but none of us can think it can also be used as a viable tool to bury the effects of negative publicity. Until now that is!
I was once searching to check my SERPs on Google and I found a link with a negative comment about my business which was appalling as it was on the first page of my search. Ouch! It hurt me badly, but I dealt with this with two SEO techniques. If you are also facing heavy negative comments that are damaging your online reputation, follow two useful SEO techniques:


Content creation

First of all, try using some analytical tools as they will let you know exactly which sites and pages contain bad reviews about you. Then, investigate appropriate keywords that are responsible for ranking these reviews in the SERPs. Mostly the keywords are your domain, company or even your personal name, but you can also check others by typing something that relates or is important to your business. Once you identify the keywords, you can begin the work.

Then write valuable content against these investigated keywords and submit them on high homepage PageRank websites like Word Press, Ezine Articles, Tumblr, TypePad, Squidoo and others. These sites work really well and sometimes give extra SEO weight to you. Generate backlinks to increase the ranking of your content and post them on various directories. This will knock off the negative reviews and prevent them from ever getting on to the first page.

Participation in forums

Maybe you are already participating in forums before discovering negative comments about your business, but participating in them becomes the key of survival for you if negative publicity is hitting your business badly. Only positive comments can nullify the effects of negative comments. Ask your customers and peers to join online communities and forums and leave positive comments about your business. You cannot force a customer to do so yet if you have a large pool of happy customers, they will surely do it for you without any price. You can ask them to write real testimonials which you can post on different sites. People mostly conclude a positive image of a business if they find more positive comments as compared to the negative ones.

So if you are facing severe negative publicity, complaining to Google does not make any sense. Just fight it using SEO techniques and remain at the top!