CASH: In recent months, Facebook has approached major US banks to ask them to share the data of their customers, to offer new services …

If there is one area of ​​our private life that Facebook does not have access to, it is our banking data. Will they stay private for a long time? In recent months, Facebook has approached major US banks to ask them to share the data of their customers, to offer new services to its users.

What financial transactions have been made to your account? How much money is left? It is this kind of very private information that the famous social network wants to know. Several months ago, Facebook held discussions with Chase, JPMorgan’s retail bank, Citi (Citigroup) and Wells Fargo.

No advertising, it’s promised

In exchange, the banks would get a place on Messenger. According to a source close to the file cited by AFP, Chase would have ended these negotiations. Facebook, however, did not specify what use he intended to make data requested, according to the source. “Like many internet businesses with commercial activities, we partner with banks and credit card issuers to offer services such as chatting with customers and account management,” a spokesperson told AFP.

And add: “The current accounts linked to Facebook pages allow their owners to receive real-time updates on Messenger and can keep track of the data of their transactions, such as cash receipts, delivery dates and the balance of their current accounts “. “We do not use this information for advertising purposes,” she said. The social network undertook not to share these financial data with third parties.

This information puts the issue of users’ personal data in the spotlight after the Cambridge Analytica (CA) scandal , a British company accused of having political data collected and exploited without their consent by users of the social network .