If Microsoft has added a second warning window to update its system to Windows 10, the problem remains: close the window with the cross corresponds to agree to upgrade.

Microsoft is ready everything for you to enjoy Windows 10. The brand proved last week using a method thug to force installation: turn the closing cross of pop-up update to a submit button tacit of said update systems Windows 7 & 8.

Faced with the anger generated by this questionable practice, the US company would, in our Forbes Brothers restored the normal behavior of the closing cross which consists … close the window. But do not believe that Microsoft has so far given up making you upgrade to Windows 10 …

The continuous slyness

Microsoft’s press service told Forbes that the editor teams have added a second notification that informs the user of when exactly the update will take place. That’s good, but deceit remains: close the update window and this new planning alert window and include Windows still “yes, install Windows 10 on my computer even though I clicked on the cross” . 

To avoid automatic upgrade to windows 10, you have to click 'Here'

To avoid automatic upgrade to windows 10, you have to click ‘Here’

The only solution for refractory is to click the “here” ( “here” on capturing screen above) in small and dimmed to move or cancel the update. We can not say it enough: read carefully all that is marked in the windows that appear in front of you if you are in doubt.

Windows 10 at all costs

On July 29 will sign the end of the free upgrade program and this problem will pose more: when you want to move from Windows 7 to Windows 10 you must pay. But Microsoft did not want to keep the two older versions of its operating system and would prefer that everyone free passes to Windows 10. intention may be good in some respects, especially as the stability and security of the system are excellent. But the fact that force the hand of the people with these amazing technical gives a poor image of the brand and the respect it has for its users.