INNOVATION The driver must however equip 100% LED Bulbs in his vehicle’s headlights …

The French supplier Valeo has, it seems, find a way to prevent motorists from being dazzled by the headlights of other cars the night. The specialist in advanced automotive technology has presented in early January at the Las Vegas Electronics Show (Consumer Electronics Show, CES) its “glasses by Valeo” connected object that would “enhance the visibility of Driver glare in different situations. ”

Inspired 3D glasses for cinema invented

These active glasses would adapt well to a variable brightness of the light used in the cockpit with outside lights (headlights of other cars or tunnel).

For this, the equipment was inspired by a liquid crystal electronic system similar to that invented 3D glasses for cinema. A light sensitive technology that allows Valeo glasses to be effective at night. A world first.

No release date announced

Still, the driver must equip its flagship 100% LED projectors vehicle. It is through these projectors emit a more powerful light than a conventional projector that the motorist will have a clearer picture of the road, synchronized with the shutter of his glasses. A somewhat complex technique, but allows according to 01Net which tested the invention, “the eye of the driver does not perceive brightness down to its own lights, just for those of other vehicles.”

These “Glasses by Valeo” are only at the prototype stage. No date has been announced to market by the French company.