Free software for house plans

3D modeling software, to whom, for what?

No need to have a degree in architecture to want to carry out projectsbuilding or simply for entertainment. You definitely want to change specific things in your home. You rely enlarge, add a dependency, or redevelop a vacant garage? Google SketchUp is what is done best at the moment. This freeware lets you model what you want and this in three dimensions.Forget paper, pencils and erasers .. to your computer!

The power of 3D and ease of use of a notebook

This powerful freeware image processing in three dimensions enables the design, viewing and editing images. The power of this program can create more realistic reports in record time. Simply choose the texture of your soil, the color of your walls and style of windows that illuminate the better your future interior. There are limited only by your imagination: You can model your furniture, a pool, your street and your outdoor spaces to stick as close to reality and to be sure not to commit odd . Step by step, you will be guided  in a universe where each tool comes to hand.Everything is designed to make it easier for the user, who can then concentrate fully on his project.

The advantages and disadvantages of such software

First, and you never say it enough, this software is powerful, and it has the advantage of not costing a cent. This advantage is not to be overlooked when we know that a suite of software for architecture worth several thousand euros. In addition, the drawing board only allows you representations in two dimensions, except of course for the aces of perspective. Here, you create what you want is just a few clicks. Google SketchUp works directly in three dimensions as a conventional modeler working patterns in two dimensions which are then adapted in three dimensions. So you get an unparalleled made ​​while saving precious time with free software. Once completed, simply print or export your work, and to get an idea on paper.