The latest iOS9 from Apple is available to download

iOS is available from 9 September 16, 2015. – APPLE

The update of Apple’s system is available since Wednesday …

The new iOS is there. The ninth version of the mobile operating system from Apple available to upgrade to since Wednesday.  Meanwhile our full review, here’s what to know.

Compatible with iOS devices with iOS 8

Can your iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch be updated to iOS 9?  If you already have the previous version installed, the answer is yes. Even the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2, released in 2011, remain compatible.  Some features, like 3D Touch or “Live Pictures” however require a 6S iPhone.

1.3 GB of free space required

Apple has learned its lesson. There is no need this time to have 4.6 GB of free space as iOS 9 only requires  1.3GB of space.  If your device is still too full, it is possible to download iOS 9 via iTunes on a PC or Mac and perform the update via USB cable.

The main new features

Cosmetic side, little change with the simple introduction of a new policy.  For functions, it is especially interesting on iPad, with a real multitasking, which allows more apps on the same screen.  Siri can invoke without hands with the “Hey Siri” command and attempts to suggest recommendations in context like Google Now.  Users especially appreciate the optimizations, including the side of the battery, with about 40 minutes more.