WEB: Bought in 2014 by the social network, the messaging app, WhatsApp, had so far made respect for private life its cornerstone …

It had to happen eventually. But sharing data between WhatsApp and its parent Facebook, announced Thursday , will cringe, especially because the users phone number is concerned, to allow the social network Mark Zuckberberg to offer more targeted advertising. This is the first time in four years – and therefore since its acquisition by Facebook in 2014 to twenty billion dollars- that WhatsApp change its charter use.

The courier says “by linking your phone number with Facebook, Facebook may offer a suggestion of friends more efficient and better targeted advertisements broadcast if you have an account with them.” WhatsApp will also allow companies to send messages to users, for example, a boarding pass for an airline. The service, however, promises that with the end to end encryption of communications, messages exchanged are 100% private. Nobody, not even Facebook or WhatsApp, have access to their content.

Can disable the targeted pubs

To be clear, WhatsApp will not, for now, broadcast advertising. Data such as phone number and especially the social graph of each user will be used to better target ads to Facebook or even more effective suggestion of those famous “people you may know”.

For those that this idea does not deceive, however it is possible to limit sharing.When updating WhatsApp, it will not click on “OK” but on “Read more” and then uncheck “Share my info with Facebook to improve targeted advertising.” It will still be possible for 30 days to change its preferences in Settings > AccountShare information for my account .

Unfortunately, WhatsApp plays on words. The telephone number will always be shared with Facebook, but it can then be used for targeted advertising. Small consolation.