Microsoft’s new operating system is launched on Wednesday and attempts to bring together the best of both worlds between desktop and touch …

1 – Start: the menu is finally back!

Unfairly Banned Windows 8 Start Menu back! Microsoft has listened to the cries of outrage from some users and reintroduced the function. But the company goes further in Windows 10 by allowing the integration of vignettes within the menu.

Windows 10 Start menu returns

Windows 10: The Start menu celebrates its comeback. – MICROSOFT

According embedded applications, they are updated in real time. Windows 7 users, like Windows 8, will therefore find a familiar universe. One can only welcome the initiative, but one has to admit that it was time …

2 – Hello: facial recognition as an input key

Terminals under Windows 10 can unlock using facial recognition. Manufacturers have chosen to offer the recognition of the iris of the eye or fingerprint depending on the configuration of their machine. This is definitely a reassuring level of additional security.

3 – Cortana: the personal assistant at your service

Previously in beta on Windows Phones in the US, the Windows 10 voice assistant made a splash in the PC world by setting up directly on the computer desktop. It is even possible to trigger the voice saying “Hey, Cortana.”

Windows 10 introduces Cortana, a personal assistant

Windows 10: Cortana Personal Assistant – Microsoft

Cortana looks a lot like Siri, the “caretaker” of the iPhone, but it is proactive: the wizard learns where we live, where we work and knows provide information accordingly, as to warn us when the road conditions are best to go to work … Promising, this feature deserves to prove himself on the run.

4 – Continuum: the same service on all terminals

Recover Windows desktop regardless of the device used (PC, tablet, smartphone) is now possible: the mode known Continum detects your device, but also its nature.

Windows 10 offers compatability across PC, Tablet and Phones

Windows 10: With Continuum, compatibility between desktop PCs and tablets is total. – MICROSOFT

Consequence ; Windows 10 automatically adjusts to a terminal with keyboard and another with a touch screen. This is a real plus which, in use, is frankly in handy.

5 – Edge: The browser goes further Explorer

This new browser does not substitute for Internet Explorer, but offers a wider use.With Edge, it is possible to write with the stylus or by hand on a web page and share it instantly: The caller receives the catch of your screen, but also the link to go to the original web page.

Windows 10, Edge Browser replaces internet explorer

Windows 10: Edge is a very focused explorer on sharing information – MICROSOFT

Edge also allows to highlight a word, Cortana to ask what is the meaning, or to give us further information about him. With Edge, you can also select an article or web page and save onedrive to replay them later. Edge looks practical and efficient for students and collaboration.