Windows 10 update has bugs to cause deleting some programs

Windows 10 – screenshot

Threshold 2 Should improve the new operating system, instead it would remove or add programs …

Windows hoped to improve its service and harvest bugs. Threshold 2, the update to Windows 10 proposed a few days ago by the American giant, suffered some setbacks.

An update that blocks 44%

After installation, it does not only bring new features to the operating system, it also causes inconveniences.  Firstly it is simply impossible for many users to have access to  Threshold 2. The program blocks at 44%.

To believe the Microsoft forum, only computers with an SD card reader would be affected. It would suffice to remove the SD card from its reader for Windows 10 can receive improvements.

Remove previously installed programs

Another black spot with Threshold 2: its tendency to remove previously installed programs.  At each machine it is different in all cases.  According to sources, the term VPN Cisco or F5, SATA drivers also seem concerned as well as specialized tools in monitoring the system as CPU-Z or HWMonitor.  On a test machine, after passing Threshold 2, the site Clubic reports, they had to reinstall the sound card with “the entire Creative drivers.”

The update removes without warning, but it adds no more precaution.  Clubic and many users have noted the arrival of the  Welcome and in the Start menu, the presence of “a promotion zone of the Windows Store apps, in addition to the Windows Store tile” that was there already.

Imposing Microsoft Edge  to open PDF files

The specialized site also indicates all the evil he had to give full powers to Acrobat Reader. Indeed, Threshold 2 did everything for Microsoft Edge is the program opening PDF files.

Finally, according to some users, who complain about the number of discussion forums, the update has been accused of bullying the privacy settings back to zero.

Note that this major update, however, concerns that the machines with Windows 10 for more than 30 days. Below this withdrawal period, it is impossible to install Threshold 2.