TECHNOLOGY: Unveiled Thursday, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone will be available on August 24 from 999 euros …

After the disappointing sales of the Galaxy S9 , Samsung wants to recover. The South Korean manufacturer unveiled its new “flagship” in New York on Thursday. If the Galaxy Note 9 changes little compared to last year, it still offers XXL features, with a 6.4-inch screen, a giant battery of 4000 mAh, 128 GB of storage for the basic version to 999 euros, and 512 GB for that to 1.249 euros.

With an optional 512GB micro SD card, the Note 9, which will be available on August 24, can go up to 1 TB, while the iPhone X is limited to 256 GB – it could change in September.

Fortite in beta and a new stylus

Samsung has also improved its stylus, a trademark of the Note model. With Bluetooth connectivity it can be used as a remote control, including triggering the smartphone remotely to take a picture.

The world’s largest manufacturer of memory chips has also boosted the performance of its latest model for video games. To attract gamers, he has secured the temporary exclusive on smartphone of the game of the moment, Fortnite .

“It’s a very expensive phone that will attract consumers looking for a high-end Android smartphone, but it’s unlikely to drive people to consider buying a Note for the first time,” said Avi Greengart. , an analyst at GlobalDat.