TABLETS: The hardware and software must evolve further if Apple wants to boost sales …

The iPad Air 2, launched on Friday, is thinner than a pencil. Its screen flatters the retina, it is now almost as powerful as a MacBook Air and autonomy remains above 10 hours. To admire her vacation photos, read an article in Vanity Fair , playing Minecraft Baby planting or before the last Disney, there is no better. But to do several things at once, or even share it with family, not much has changed since 2010.

iOS 8 designed for the smartphone

Apple has always favored the simplicity -this features that explains its success among children and pensioners. On smartphones, the argument has always been the lack of space, power and autonomy. On a 10-inch tablet, it no longer holds. Samsung has integrated windows Android, LG and a split screen mode Sony miniature apps. Microsoft, meanwhile, offers true multitasking with Windows 8 on its Surface Pro 3.

Without going that far, Apple could at least provide a managing multiple user accounts, such as Android. This would avoid family puzzles, including emails and photos. The company even has a solution found through any fingerprint reader.

Wedged between the iPhone 6 Plus and the Macbook Air

With its partnership with IBM, Apple wants to seduce the business world but the iPad remains too focused on the sofa. With a size that tops out at 10 inches, productivity is limited. Its competitors, they have diversified their offer and offer models of 12 or 13 inches that most ultraportables eyeing the PC side. They innovated with integrated keyboards and styluses that bring a real plus.

The iPad Mini 3 (from 399 euros) illustrates this stagnation. The tablet is identical to the iPad Mini 2 (299 euros): same processor, same camera, same screen. The only novelty is the fingerprint reader, Touch ID, which is therefore 100 euros, according to Apple.

The iPad can be found in the end stuck between a giant iPhone 6 Plus and the Macbook Air, but Apple really manages to clear his vision. That may explain in part the decline in sales , down to the last three quarters compared to the previous year. Apple often say that the iPad is magical. It is time it is a little more convenient.