A new, more accurate estimate of Xbox One sales suggests that Microsoft is still losing the console war at a ratio of 2:1.

Officially Microsoft won’t say how many Xbox One consoles it’s sold, which in itself tells you almost all you need to know. But a comment from a Windows analyst seems to put the figure at 18 million.

In a recent video on website Twit, as noticed by SegmentNext, analyst Mary Jo Foley was discussing Windows in general with other guests, and stated that of around 200 million activations 18 million were for the Xbox One.

She doesn’t seem to have realised it, but this is actually the best estimate so far of how many Xbox Ones have been sold through to customers – since you need to activate the console online for it to work properly.

Is the Playstation 4 the new Console winner ?

Is the Playstation 4 the new Console winner

It also chimes with unofficial sales estimates of around 19 million, suggesting that whatever the exact sales figure is it isn’t more than 20 million.

For two years on sale that’s actually very good (the Wii U is only on 12.5 million after three years), and better than the Xbox 360 at the same point in its lifetime. However, it’s far below the 35.9 million which Sony recently confirmed for the PlayStation 4.

Although Xbox One sales are believed to be almost neck-and-neck with Sony in the US and UK, the console has not proven a success in Europe, Japan, and elsewhere in the world.

At this stage there’s probably relatively little that Microsoft can do to turn that around, and will likely have to settle for a, very comfortable, second place.

[SOURCE : Game Deals daily]