Remove advertising on youtube for a monthly feeThis paid version could happen next month …

The online video site YouTube, a subsidiary of Google, prepare  a version on which advertising would be totally absent from the platform.  The rumor since the spring, but according, a specialized US site in new technologies, a free version could happen as early as October.

These promotional clips sometimes lasting more than 30 seconds and shown to users before the screening of the video they chose were among the worst nightmares of YouTube users.  Never mind, the Californian company seems to have decided to solve the problem by making a “revolution.”

Access to reserved content and YouTube Music Key

YouTube, free forever, therefore propose a “premium” version for $ 10 a month, offer subscribers the ability to zap advertising.  Also on the menu: access to content reserved for subscribers as well as music streaming platform, YouTube Music Key, and a more favourable system of remuneration for contributors who put videos online.

Still, the news has not been confirmed by Google, owner of YouTube since 2006. But according to the Wall Street Journal, the site generates no profit despite its success. A problematic situation which should logically grow the parent to react and that makes the appearance of a paid version increasingly likely.