Google develop an application live streaming, YouTube Connect, able to compete Periscope Twitter and Facebook Live …

Although it is the first online video site in the world, YouTube , owned by Google, has not always been able to follow the innovations in due time. It is thus trying to catch up on the retransmission of eSports events with YouTube Gaming, facing Twitch, and the original content with YouTube Red, facing Netflix. But what about the livestreaming?

While Periscope celebrates its first birthday on Saturday, the US site VentureBeat reveals that Google would prepare discreetly equivalent application. Code Name: YouTube Connect.

Available on Android and iOS, it would connect with his Google ID or YouTube and broadcast live video from or app. It would also be possible to tag people, follow a newsfeed with YouTube subscriptions or loading old videos in the application.

With the launch of this new service, Google has so far refused to comment, there is no doubt that the Internet giant wants to compete but also Periscope Live Facebook.